Silicone non stick Coating

high performance non stick coating applied to cake mould

Certificatin : FDA,LFGB, REACH,ROHS
Applications : Small Electrics,Bakeware,Cookware
  • Application
  • Film thickness (μm)20-30
  • Inadhesion★★★★★
  • Heat resistance★★★★★
  • Frictional resistance★★★★★
  • Corrosion resistance★★★★★
  • Application TechSpraying
  • Curing temperature (°C)280


 The product features very strong non-stick performance, example cake shop use 1500 times, hardness up to 5H, curing temperature 250-280 degrees, sprayed area of 8 square, can be detected by FDA,LFGB,ROHS,CA65,REACH and so on. Material processing: sand blasting / phosphating. Applicable to the variety of color requirements, metal surface corrosion protection, non-stick, wear resistance and other different performance requirements, this product has strong universal performance! Can be customized one-to-one, modified by our company, such as the following several sections 1. Used on cake plate to use reverse osmosis principle to make non-sticky better, example cake shop 1500 times. 2. Used for barbecue plate, hardness, wear resistance, smooth surface and other performance superior, won a large number of cooperation manufacturers praise. 3. For metallic decorative coatings, various color gloss combinations form a rainbow-like color, marble Merfan stone gradually discoloration point color, etc. Technical support is available.

The company is specialized in producing silicone high performance coatings, fluororesin polymer coatings manufacturers, the company has its own R & D team, technical patent products, good product quality, Alternative or superior to similar products abroad. Products cover non-stick coatings, high-temperature coatings, ceramic coatings, water-based coatings and other paint products. Passed the United States drug and food safety certification of FDA, EU ROHS,REACH, Germany LFGB and other standards.