water base PTFE green coating applied to roller

water base PTFE green coating applied to roller

Certificatin : FDA,LFGB, REACH,ROHS
Applications : textile roller
  • Application
  • Film thickness (μm)45
  • Inadhesion★★★★★
  • Heat resistance★★★★★
  • Frictional resistance★★★★★
  • Corrosion resistance★★★★★
  • Application TechSpraying
  • Curing temperature (°C)360-380

Coating Flux FOR SL-W200 top coating/M100 primer coating

Water based coating flux (Waterborne Fluororesin coating) as a two component fluorocarbon coating flux, excellent inadhesion and wearing property, but the step for operating stages is very strict with requirements, read booklet carefully before putting it to use.

▲. Material treatment:

Dry-boiling for the material like aluminum and stainless steel in 30 minutes by 380℃ temperatures firstly or dissolvent to cleaning the first step’s degreasing, and goes on with roughening for surface of subject in next step, utilizing the steel jade sand No.:80~100, 0.4mpa~0.6mpa compressive stress, sand thickness: 2.0μm~5μm.

▲. Spray SL-M100 priming coating:

Rolling about100-120 rotation per minute, no less than 2.0 hours at a time before putting the priming coating to use, no less than once time every week for rolling it up. Keep flat for the having been handled the material( material must be unsmirched, dried, not included celvacene greases and pollutional, it will have a strong impact on the adhesive attraction or cause the decrustation go so far as do if touch the sand’s surface by hand).

Applied diameter:

0.3mm~0.5mm Caliber of ejection gun to have transferred into the compressive stress: 0.20mpa~0.3mpa keeping distance: 20cm~30cm; If spray coating directly, adopting the120-150℃ temperatures to task in 5 minutes~8minutes, thickness of dry film approximately 10μm~15μm after having it been dried.

▲. Spray finishing of SL-W200 top coating ( μm ):

Rolling about 100 rotation per minute with the slow speed, no less than 3.0 hours at a time and mixed it up equably absolutely before putting the top coat to use. The top coating will be painted after the having been coated priming paint workpiece has cooled off the normal atmospheric temperature (The surface must be unsmirched absolutely and unpolluted. thickness of dry film approximately 15-25μm。

Applied diameter:

0.3MM ~0.5MM Caliber of the ejection gun to have transferred into the compressive stress:0.20mpa~0.30mpa, keeping 20cm~30cm distance; adopting the120-150℃ temperatures in 5 minutes~8minutes to task until dried, then adopt 400℃ temperatures to having been sintered in 10 minutes or so,the total thickness of having been sintered dry film: 38-33μm approximately. (The sintered insufficiency will have an effect on the adhesivity and reduce physical characteristics of coat, but the sintered immoderateness will cause the variation of rate of coat functions, be cautious in performance! )